Keep the City clean in all seasons

Urban-Sweeper S2
Multipurpose Vehicle
La balayeuse de voirie S3 compacte en pleine activité.
Compact Sweeper S3

At the end of the winter it is a must to collect accumulated materials during the winter like gravel, rubbish and other as they represent a danger particularly for cyclists and pedestrians.

At the end of the fall, accumulated foliage can be a potential danger to congest drainage systems and to weaken water quality of nearby rivers.

For the cleaning of sidewalks, bus stops, parking lots or narrow alleys, the state-of-the-art Urban-Sweeper S2 is the best to do the job.

Compact Sweepers | Mounted Sweepers

La balayeuse de voirie Urban-Sweeper S2 en activité à Lausanne.

Urban-Sweeper S2

Ideal for confined spaces in urban areas

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Mounted Hydraulic Sweeper

front or rear of a tractor

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