Mounted Hydraulic Sweeper front or rear of a tractor

The Bunce hydraulic sweeper can be fitted to the front or rear of a tractor.

Technical Details

The Bunce tractor mounted hydraulic sweeper is hydraulically driven from the tractor hydraulics. The brush has a special floating core system in a robust reinforced steel shell. The brush length is 2.44 m as standard although other lengths would be available to special order. It is possible to use wire and/or polypropylene brush sections. We fit 58mm (20”) sections as standard although 610 mm (24”) sections are available as an option .

Mounting systems

We usually mount directly to tractors using the front three point linkage using the same ‘SnoPro Link’ used for our snowploughs so it would be possible to mount a snowplough in place of the sweeper . We can also mount directly to the front of the tractor using brackets and WM1 A or DIN plate (76060A) mounting. We can also make special brackets to suit other ‘tool carrier’ vehicles.

Features and options

It is possible to fit an optional collector box to make the brush a sweeper/collector. The debris box is tipped hydraulically.

When the collector box is fitted it can be raised out of the way to enable the brush to sweep without collecting if required.

If insufficient hydraulics on the tractor or a very fast brush speed is required it can be fitted with optional rear 3 point linkage mounted PTO driven hydraulic pump and tank system to power.

As standard angled to left or right using a screw thread stabiliser bar.

Hydraulic angling using one or two rams as option.

Fitted with a unique floating core system to follow the contours of the ground. Core can quickly and easily be removed to replace brush sections by just removing two pins.

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