IMS Z Double chamber spreader

The IMS E technology has been doubled and extended to a double-chamber IMS Z system.


  • Double-chamber hopper with partition 2/3 – 1/3
  • Possible to choose spreading agents depending on intervention, de-icing or abrasive agents
  • Usage of the spreader like a single-chamber system with only salt or grit
  • Homogeneous emptying of the hopper

Technical data

Hopper capacity (m³)1,72,02,32,52,73,03,54,05,06,0
Brine tank 1050 l
Brine tank 1720 l
Brine tank 2240 l
Spreading width (m)2 to 8 or 3 to 12
Dosage (g/m²)Spiral auger with programmable spreading-levels
Salt: 0-40 ¦ Abrasive agents: 0-300

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