IMS W The open spiral auger spreader

Size doesn’t matter to obtain perfect spreading results. Small and universal, the light-weight IMS J fits on smaller trucks, narrow-gauge vehicles, small multi-purpose carriers, Unimogs and forklifts and spreads like a big spreader. Homogenous output from the hopper is ensured with a spiral conveying system, achieved with low hydraulic oil demand.

Spreading like a big one

The Junior-series by Boschung proves that optimal spreading results is not a question of construction size. Small and universally utilizable, they spread like big ones. Thus the IMS W already shows the proven Boschung construction characteristics: Light weight but extreme structural stiffness with the best corrosion protection. Different hopper capacities from 0.5 to 2.3 m3 allow the best adaptation to available load sizes and capacities. High-quality distributors ensure perfect spreading patterns up to 8 m. The IMS W is equipped with a worm screw feeding system for optimal spreading- density control.

The full IMS W series can be combined individually with the technically innovative range of Boschung accessories

  • Universal control unit Vpad
  • Humidification system from Vpad SE
  • ThermoMAT (infrared measuringdevice for measuring road surface temperatures) with Vpad SN-B
  • Data recording SDM or
  • BORRMA-web by Vpad SN-B


Standard 1 – 6m: A role model for a perfect spreading pattern. The closed controln circuit ensures precise operation. Spinner disc Ø: 400 mm

Optional 2 – 8 m: Equipped with a spinner disc(Ø 550 mm) for a perfect lateral and longitudinal distribution even with larger spreading widths.

Agent feeding

The worm screw feeding system with its closed control circuit ensures exact dosage from the lowest to the highest densities. Energy consumption is remarkably low.

Dosage: Standard already with IMS W series – pulsation free and continuous agent feeding via dosage flap.

Humidification system

Effective spreading with prewetted salt may be achieved with the IMS W series by Vpad SE. Large brine reservoirs and a maintenance free brine pump with a closed control circuit and automatic solid agent reduction for best dosage ensure optimal results.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system designed on a block principle is distinguished by its excellent access. Integrated emergency operations allow manual control of the IMS W series, even when the electronics are inactive.


Made from reinforced fibreglass the cabinet offers complete corrosion protection. Completely sealed it is a perfect shelter for the electric and electronic circuitry.

Drive possibilities

Hydraulic supply of IMS W-series may be realised by means of:

  • Carrier vehicle hydraulics “H” (standard)
  • PTO-shaft attachment pump “A”
  • Auxiliary drive engine "B/D"
  • Trailer chassis with self drive "S/T"
Drive H
Drive B
Drive A
Drive S

Vpad : the ideal control system

The Vpad is the perfect command and control unit for the IMS W series. Due to the ergonomic design and acoustic voice output of preset parameters the Vpad sets new standards for user friendliness, management and logic. Equipped with the latest state-of-art technology the Vpad allows perfect control of the spreaders and takes care of all communications related to Surface Condition Management.

Technical Data

Hopper capacity (m³)0,50,81,01,21,51,72,02,3
Brine tank 260 l
Brine tank 360 l
Brine tank 860 l
Spreading width (m)1 to 6 or 2 to 8
Dosage(g/m²)Open auger with programmable spreading-levels
Salt: 0-40 ¦ Abrasive agents: 0-300

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