IMS J Flat bed spreader for small multi-purpose vehicle

Especially designed for small multi-purpose carriers the IMS J has all the capabilities of a large size spreader. With its flat and compact hopper design the IMS J is universally mountable and offers excellent rear-view and perfect handling. Homogenous emptying of the hopper is ensured with a spiral conveying system, with low hydraulic oil demand.

IMS J - flat and compact

Even if specially designed for smaller multi-purpose vehicles, the IMS J can do anything big spreaders can. Flat and compact, the IMS J is very versatile and offers the best-possible working and driving safety. It is built with professional techniques based on a proven modular concept. Its optimal spreading capabilities are limited by its size. The hopper capacities of the IMS J range from 1.0 to 2.0 m3 and offers high driver visibility through its construction. This design is unique for this category and offers a low center of gravity with maximized hopper volume. This weight-optimized construction, reviewed by static and dynamic tests, offers economical operations thanks to bigger sizes and greater autonomy.

The whole construction of the IMS J has been designed to offer an improved handling

Compact spreaders like the IMS J come with a 12 year warranty against perforation corrosion for all parts with Duplex-refined steel.

The complete IMS J J-series can be combined with technically innovative Boschung accessories like:

  • Universal control unit Vpad
  • Humidification equipment available with Vpad SE and higher modules
  • ThermoMAT (infrared temperature measuring instrument for road surface temperatures) with Vpad SN/SF
  • Data management
  • BORRMAweb per Vpad SN/SF


Made entirely from stainless steel, the Boschung spreading agent distributor delivers precise and even spreading – with or without pre-wetted salt. The Vpad SE opens the possibility for controlled drives and may be equipped for route dependant spreading. The IMS J produces uniform spreading results for widths from 1 – 6 m or optionally 2 – 8 m.

Agent feeding

Constant feed from the hopper is possible due to the special design of the open spiral auger feeding system. Double worm-leads at the end of the load and a maintenance-free distribution flap (optional) characterizes this system and are the basic precondition for an optimized spreading pattern and increased road-safety. But that’s not all - a steady and gram-precise conveyance is obtained through direct hydraulic drive.

Humidification system

Two lateral PE-hoppers with exhaust-hose and two installed limit indicators for automatic cut-off after filling from the C-connection are offered as an option. A maintenance-free pump with separate hydraulic circuit guarantees the precise addition of pre-wetted salt. When engaging the conveyance the solid part is reduced and replaced with brine. Using unique Boschung technology the brine is guided pressureless via a brine-box to the spinner of the spreading disc. The mixing of salt and brine is guaranteed by the precise guidance of the distributor system, before leaving the spinner disk as pre-wetted salt.

Hydraulic system

High quality hydraulic components arranged in a spacesaving block with manual emergency operation are easily accessible from the back and are flanged directly to the open auger circuit. An optional hydraulic press-filter provides additional security, independent from any other attached hydraulic-machines. The special anti-corrosion protection system includes all the hydraulic screw connections and the hydraulic hose connections are covered in a Zn/Ni-layering which has been tested to assure perfect protection.


Made from reinforced fibreglass the cabinet offers complete corrosion protection. Tightly sealed, it offers perfect cover for the electric and electronic circuitry.

Drive possibilities

Hydraulic supply of the IMS J-series may beprovided by means of:

  • Hydraulics of carrier vehicle “H” (standard)
  • PTO-shaft attachment pump “A” (accessoires)

Vpad: the ideal control system

The Vpad is the ideal control system for IMS J – spreading machines. The almost “sightless” handling through the ergonomic design and the acoustic feedback of the spreading-settings eases the handling for any user. Fitted with the latest processor-technology, the Vpad allows perfect control of the spreading machines and takes care of all communications for Surface Condition Management.

Technical data

Hopper capacity (m³)1,01,11,21,62,0
Brine tank 560 l
Brine tank 700 l
Spreading width (m)1 to 6 or 2 to 8
Dosage (g/m²)Open auger with programmable spreading-levels
Salt: 0-40 ¦ Abrasive agents: 0-300

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