IMS E Single Chamber Spreader

With the IMS series a completely new generation of spreaders has been introduced: from the hopper’s low centre of gravity and high torsive strength, the pre-prepared fixing points for all Boschung demounting systems to the intelligent OptiWet® distribution system – the IMS series represents an innovative, automised and mobile spreading technology.

Single chamber spreader

The IMS E is the perfect spreader for all truck series. Its outfitted with latest IMS (Intelligent Mobile Spreading) spreading technology. User-friendly and reliable, the IMS E gets perfect symmetric spreading patterns at all times. Adequate stand-systems simplifies the disposal.

  • Spiral auger with differing pitches elements for a steady hopper emptying / axle load distribution
  • Auger with double-lead at the end for a harmonious conveying of the spreading agents
  • Spacers for loosening the flow rate

Optiwet® Distributor

The spinner disc for perfect spreading results:

  • for salt and grit
    pre-wetted salt FS30 with ASN®
    pre-wetted salt FS adaptive
    with ASBS® and GSN®
  • for FAWS-Navigation

Dosage auger

The dosage auger is equipped with differing pitch elements. This shall grant a steady hopper emptying and that way a uniform axle load and weight partition from beginning to the end of intervention.

The double threaded end of auger offers a continuous agent flow which is mandatory for perfect spreading results. To have the optimum as well for drive purposes, a high performance hydraulic drive with transmission gear is used. The extreme initial breakaway torque when starting spread or with problematic agents is remarkable for this unit with highest torque reserves for the complete rpm range.

Switch cabinet

  • Switch cabinet separated into hydraulic and electric compartment
  • Hydraulic components in block construction
  • Integrated pressure relief valve, 250 bar
  • Hydraulic pressure filter for additional system protection as an option
  • Special Zn/Ni coating of the hydraulic hoses and screw connections for excellent corrosion protection
  • Fast-switching proportional valves with emergency manual override for each control circuit


  • Electronic components are licensed and certified according to “regulation 2009/19/CE“ and regulation No. 10 of United Nations Economic Commission for Europe(ECE-R10) respectively!
  • Further sealed and protected in electro cabinet
  • Microprocessor control
  • Torque speed feedback of all drives with target/actual value comparison and automatic rpm regulation
  • Remote control by Vpad in the cab

Pre-wetted salt system

  • Efficient spreading by use of pre-wetted salt
  • Large brine tanks
  • Maintenance free brine pump with closed circuit
  • Automatic regulation of dry materials for extremely precise metering

Possible drives

The hydraulic supply of the IMS B series spreaders can be realized as follows:

  • Vehicle hydraulic H(with various clutch designs)
  • Plugged PTO pump A
  • Diesel engine drive D
  • Wheel-hub drive W
  • Drive S
Drive A
Drive D
Drive H
Drive S

IMS E with Vpad-technology


For IMS E spreaders the Vpad is the perfect control unit. Its intuitive handling with an ergonomic design and voice message feedback of the settings significantly simplifies the use for the operator. Equipped with state of the art processor technology the Vpad enables a perfect setting of the spreader and assumes all the communication in the Surface Condition Management.



FAWS Navigator

Full Automated Weatherdependent Spreading

All data from measuring-points, weather-services, early-ice-warning-systems etc. are collected with the BORRMA-web and transmitted to the Vpad in the cab. While the operator is guided by the navigation system, the adjustment of the spreader is done by weather-dependent automation. Thereby the surface temperature is measured with the ThermoMAT and compared with the default value of the BORRMA-web. This unique system enables safe driving at any time and furthermore frees the operator in the operation-management. Operationcontrols by real-time data-transfer to the headquarter are still possible.

Technical data

Hopper capacity (m³)2,73,03,54,05,06,07,08,09,0
Brine tank 1720 L
Brine tank 2240 L
Brine tank 2660 L
Brine tank 3440 L
Spreading width (m)2 to 8 or 3 to 12
Dosage (g/m²)Conveyor belt with programmable spreading-levels
Salt: 0-40 ¦ Abrasive agents: 0-300

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