FullWet® The Brine Spreader

Nowadays pure brine spreading for preventive interventions is widely applied. Especially for dry or slightly wet conditions and up to temperatures of below 6° it’s a very appropriate method as it reduces significantly the consumption of spreading agents. Even compared to pre-wetted salt spreading the residual salt content on surfaces is bigger. The low density liquid is applied once and sticks well to the surface, which simultaneously reduces intervention frequencies. Fitted with a unique nozzle system, the FullWet enables interventions a high speed.

FullWet® S

The FullWet® S is built on a solid frame for the attachment of liquid PE-hoppers in cascade shape. The frame is laid out for the various attachment modes. The spreading of the liquid agent is done with a unique nozzle system, optionally mounted on fold-out booms. The nozzle system allows high working speeds while keeping a precise lateral distribution of the liquid. Three spray-heads, housed in the vehicles profile, achieve a spraying width of 18 m.

Technical Data

Spraying widthfrom 1,5 m to 42 m (with fold-out booms, airport version)
Hopper capacities1'800 to 22'000 l
Mountingfix, platform, Twistlock, trailer, container, roll-off hook, 3-point attachment
Drivehydraulic drive, auxiliary engine

Maximum Dosage (g / m2)

Speed (km/h)6050403020
Standard performance of the pump2024304060
High performance of the pump40486080120

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