TMH spreaders Compact Drop Spreader

The Bunce TMH spreaders - three point linkage mounted, 'drop' salt spreader designed for use on compact tractors and powered from the tractor hydraulics. These units are ideal for de-icing pavements, cycle ways & small factory sites etc. and the tractor can be fitted with a Bunce compact tractor snow plough to make a very effective snow clearing unit. As the spreader is not ‘road speed related’ it can be used to spread sand etc. on sports pitches when it is not being used for de-icing operations.

Technical details

The Bunce TMH spreaders are available in hopper capacities of 140 or 200 litre  both with spread widths of just over 1m.   Driven hydraulically from tractor hydraulics.   There is a full width driven agitator shaft to keep the material free slowing and there is a rubber base to the hopper with a spring system which pushes the rubber against a metering roller with lumps on which forces out a metered amount of salt (or other material) through the rubber base.   The spring can be adjusted to control the amount of salt which is metered out per revolution.

Mounting systems

We mount directly to tractors using the 3 point linkage although other mountings are available for example to suit the Boschung S2 Urban sweeper.

Features and options:

Shaped and sealed cover over the chain case ensure no ingress of salt.

Fitted with a galvanised salt screen & full width driven agitator as standard.

Easy adjustment of the spring base to control amount spread by means of a leaver on the side.

Now painted internally with a special ‘ice breaker’ paint which helps the flow of salt as well as reducing corrosion.

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