Multi-Segmented Snowploughs with override protection

With its full range of multi-segemented snowploughs Boschung offers snow clearing technology in all sizes.

MF-System overview

  • Automatic override protection for obstacles up to a height of 150 mm by spring suspended plow elements.
  • Optimised snow clearance and perfect vehicle behaviour is achieved by hydraulic plough discharging..
  • A patented overpressure battery protects hydraulic cylinders against damage from laterally hitting obstacles.
  • Boschung’s MF ploughs can be fitted and steered with the Vpad modular control unit.

Technical details

Mountain version

  • For mountain use, a reinforced frame with higher segments, double springs and an angle restriction for the shock absorbing rail is available.

Inclination System

  • The plough may be hydraulically inclined, as well as lifted or lowered in a continuously variable mode from inside the cabin.

Castor wheels

  • Optional castor wheels allow plough use in floating position.

Attachment plate

  • 2 wedges and swinging screws on the attachment plate allow quick mounting and disassembling to or from the vehicle attachment plate by using the plough’s hydraulics.

Wear rails

  • Wear rails from steel, vulcolan, rubber or composite material can be fitted according to your needs.

Optional equipment

Precise wear rail for MF-Ploughs

…cleans left-over snow as well!

Can be retrofitted to any existing plough of the MF-series.

Rock protection

  • A rubber rock protection may be additionally installed on demand.

Plough discharger

  • Optimised snow clearance and perfect vehicle behaviour is achieved by hydraulic plow discharging. This also prevents unnecessary wear of road surface and wear rails.

Lighting frame

  • A lighting frame may be fitted for maximum visibility and security.

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