Tractor Mounted ‘Vee’ Snowploughs

The Bunce Tractor mounted No. 3 Vee snowploughs are designed to open a single pass through deep snow drifts and in certain situations are a much quicker alternative to snow blowing.

Technical Details

The Bunce tractor mounted No. 3 Vee snowploughs are available with reinforced steel faced moulboards in widths of 2.54 m (8’4”) or 2.74 m (9’) Other sizes could be made to special order.

The shape of the blade is specially designed to lift the snow and drop it off the top of the ‘wings’.

Mounting Systems

We now most commonly mount directly to tractors using the front three point linkage.

We can also mount directly to the front casing of the tractor (or onto loading arms) using the WM1A, WM1B or DIN plate mountings.

Features and Options

Replaceable Wearing Plates

Fitted with replaceable wearing plates at the bottom of the blade.

Replaceable Side Plates

Optional replaceable side plates to reduce possibility of damaging curb stones etc.

Special Centre Section

Centre section filled in to reduce any overspill of snow and to give additional strength.

Lifting Device

A lifting ram and a pair of robust yokes enable the plough to be raised and lowered supplied as standard if mounting using WM1A or WM1B frames.

Replaceable Wearing Skids

Fitted with three replaceable wearing skids at the bottom of the blade to support the plough standard (one under the nose and one at each side).

Castors can be fitted at the sides as options in lieu if skids.

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