Tractor Mounted Snowploughs Steel or Polymer

The Bunce tractor mounted snowploughs are available with steel or polymer faced moulboards in widths from 1.83 m (6’) to 3.66 m (12’) usually in 610 mm increments. The Heavy duty SnoPro A range is available in standard depths of 650 mm (25.5”) and 865 mm (34”) and the Extra heavy Duty SnoPro B range is only available in 865 mm (34”) depths as standard.

Safety System

The ploughs are fitted with a ‘tripping system’ which enables the snowplough to negotiate small obstacles like raised man hole covers or small curbs without causing damage to the snow plough or the carrying vehicle.

When an obstacle is struck the special high wear resistant wearing edge flips back against the spring, then automatically returns to the working position once the obstacle has been passed.

Technical Details

All the SnoPro snowploughs use  a reinforced steel skeleton (Whether the mouldboard is steel or polymer. )   The extra heavy duty SnoPro B uses thicker gauge ribs than the SnoPro A as well as a heavier duty yokes, ram and mounting frame.

There are many interchangeable parts between the tractor and corresponding lorry snowploughs which simplifies the stocking of spare parts and maintenance, particularly for any customer who operates both types of plough.

Mounting Systems

We now most commonly mount to tractors using the Bunce SnoPro Link directly onto the front three point linkage.

We can also mount directly to the front casing of the tractor (or onto loading arms) using the WM1A, WM1B or DIN plate mountings.

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