RCD Runway Contaminant Depth

The runway condition monitoring is an important tool for Air Traffic Control (ATC), pilots and airlines alike.

Intelligent Runway Sensor for Airports

Technical Data

Runway conditiondry, contaminated
Contaminant typewater, slush, snow, ice
Contaminant depth0-18 mm
Resolution1 mm

The contamination of the runway has an essential impact on complex processes between various factors with influence on the braking effect of airplanes. Therefore regular respectively situational friction measurements are carried out for runway condition monitoring.

The RCD-System (Runway Contaminant Depth) of Boschung Mecatronic is a brand new development with the Runway Sensor IT-Sens RCD as core element of the global RCM 500 NT system. The RCD-System allows a permanent monitoring of the runway condition and the level of contamination. It is designed as an all year round system as rainfalls and winter condition alike do have impacts on the air traffic.

Data evaluation can be easily and clearly visualized live on the BORRMA-web and can be exported into other system like e.g.  Air Traffic Control.

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