OptiWet® The intelligent solution

The intelligent technical solution with innovative components

The challenge

The facts

  • Changes in velocity, spreading width and spreading density result in changes in salt mass flow
  • Different road surface conditions require different mixing ratios of salt and brine
  • Significant salt quality differences can result in poor spreading results
  • Large-scale constant supervision and correction of spreading patterns are a heavy burden to the user’s personnel

The goal

  • A homogenous mixture of salt and brine without saturation
  • A uniform lateral distribution of thawing agents covering the complete spreading area
  • Perfect left and right spraying for an optimal spreading pattern

    The solution:

    • The most extensive automatic collection and regulation of all parameters to free up user’s personnel
    • Precise control of the flow of agent to the spinner disc for a perfect distribution and thus an optimal spreading pattern
    • Earliest possible humidification of solid agent for a homogenous mixing of salt and brine
    • Highly responsive automatic correction of spreading pattern
    • A sturdy spinner that caters for different salt qualities

    We have stepped up to meet this challenge: OptiWet®, the state of art of technology!

    The intelligent technical solution

    FS-Adaptif® vs FS 30-Technologie

    Supersaturating of brine
    Reduced brine addition at high salt mass flow

    The continuous development of proven FS 30 technology incorporates the use of salt mass flow dependent variable brine addition for an optimal humidification of salt grain.

    FS-Adaptive® meets different road surface conditions

    low densities

    • higher amount of brine
    • better adhesion

    With low densities it is important to spread with higher amount of brine to achieve a better humidification and thus a better surface adhesion of salt.

    FS-Adaptive® caters for this automatically.

    high densities

    • reduced amount of brine
    • higher thawing action

    In case of higher densities high thawing action i.e. lower amount of brine is required.

    FS-Adaptive® caters for this automatically.

    Perfect spreading at any speed

    Automatic spreading width stabilisation ASBS®

    Automatic spreading width stabilization has been developped to compensate for vehicle velocity influences and the resulting salt mass flow differences. The result is the automatic rpm adjustment of the spinner disc. Together with the automatic distributor head adjustment, a perfect spreading pattern is achieved.

    Automatic distributor head adjustment ASN®

    OptiWet® assures a uniform spreading pattern for the complete range of velocities and densities through automatic distributor head adjustment. The new high speed remote distributor head performs these adjustments within fractions of a second.

    With innovative components

    Frequency controlled spiral auger

    • Intermediate ridges for salt mass flow relaxation
    • Agitator fingers cut salt cluster
    • Constant feeding flow due to frequency overlaid auger rotation
    • Secured salt feeding at all hopper fill levels
    • Continuous agent flow even with the smallest amounts
    • No clogging-up or clustering in the spreading system

    Elbow tube

    • Focussing of the salt/brine mixture by opposing flow directions
    • Constant feeding towards the falling tube independent of distribution head position

    Mouth piece

    • For centralized feeding with defined impact position at spinner disc to ensure optimal lateral distribution

    Spinner disc

    • Even cone for a controlled flow of agent to spinner blades
    • Spinner disc curved upwards towards the outside for focussing of the spreading agent
    • Two different blade lengths for an even distribution of the spreading agent

    Frequency controlled conveyor belt

    • Constant feed flow with frequency controlled belt drive
    • Reliable salt feed at all states of hopper fill
    • Continuous flow even at the lowest densities
    • Metering gate breaks salt lumps
    • No blocking in spreading system

    The advantage

    OptiWet® creates new standards through intelligent solutions:

    • Homogenous distribution across complete spreading pattern
    • Precise left and right flush
    • Optimal mixing of salt and brine
    • Constant spreading pattern at all velocities
    • Automatic regulation of spreading process by Vpad


    • The efficiency of the applied agent is significantly increased. This allows a general reduction of spreading density.
    • Savings potential of salt and brine is sufficient to offset OptiWet® costs within 1 year.
    • Due to high automation any manual control tasks can be avoided. OptiWet® spreaders are very easy to maintain.


    • Spreading beyond the edge of the road is successfully prevented, no more salt on the verges!
    • Reduction of drift losses due to optimal mixing of salt and brine.
    • Possible reduction of density due to precision application.


    • Increase of traffic safety across the entire road.
    • Maintenance personnel are freed to concentrate on traffic.
    • Ergonomic operation allows faster modification of spreading pattern without visual distraction. Changes confirmed through voice output.

    Savings potential with OptiWet®

    These facts make OptiWet® a profitable investment into the future!

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