ThermoMAT ecological and economic benefits

The ThermoMAT®, an economic and ecologic investment into road and traffic safety.!

Road surface temperature: a decisive factor

Traditional spreading intervention requires road maintenance personnel to estimate and manually adjust the necessary spreading density for the meteorological and road surface conditions at the given moment. Permanent changes in road surface temperatures e.g. because of:

  • Bridges or superstructures
  • Changes of road surfaces
  • Hollows
  • Watercourses
  • Forests

make it practically impossible to react manually to all these changes. That is why, to be safe, thousands more tons of salt than required are spread each year, thus raising the cost of winter maintenance and increasing the environmental impact.

How it works

Before starting the intervention maintenance personnel enter the road condition in accordance with the table below. There is a choice between 4 freeze stages, from hoarfrost to ice covered road surface. For manual adjustments there is a 5th stage.

Selection of spreading

StageHumidityType of icingRecognition features
Stage 1lightHoarfrostDew or frost formation, fog, freezing humidity on road surface
Stage 2lightFreezing humidityPartial icing
> humidIce formation! No road water droplets
Stage 3mediumFreezing humidity freezing melting water, Black iceIce covered, partial reflection of headlights, !Formation of road water sprinkles
> moist
Stage 4strongFreezing humidity and black iceCompact and wide-spread black ice coverage
>wetSlush, starting snow slipperiness and icing! Strong formation of road water droplets
offstrongSnow covered, snow slipperiness and Freezing rainCombined snow clearing and de-icing

During operation the ThermoMAT® measures the road surface temperature continuously, several times per second, thus reflecting shortest reaction times.

Always spread the correct density

Optimum spreading density is calculated and regulated continuously from spreading stage and road surface temperature.

Indication of spreading width

All measurement and regulation values are clearly indicated on the display and may optionally been announced using voice output.

Road surface temperature
Air temperature
Spreading density
Spreading stage

Using the ThermoMAT® only the freeze stage selection is executed manually, all spread density regulations are automatically performed by ThermoMAT® which continually adjusts to match the immediate conditions. Hydraulic adjustment is performed within milliseconds using proportional flow-regulation valves. In this way, winter maintenance not only becomes more economic and ecological, but also is safer, both for road users - due to optimally spread roads, and also for maintenance personnel - due to significantly reduced costs.

The spreading freeze stage diagram visualizes the dependency of road surface temperature in different spreading freeze stages.

Boschung’s new spreaders with intelligent Optiwet® technology lead the way for the achievement of precise, to-the-gram, spreading densities.

Save up to 30% of thawing agent

Practical tests over several years haven proven that the use of ThermoMAT® typically saves up to 30% of thawing agents.

These savings result not only in positive effects to the environment but also to the economic situation. Based on an average winter, the costs using of ThermoMAT® with wet salt on roads can be recovered within 2-3 years, presuming an average hopper size and an average brine density of 20%.

In use on airports with higher thawing agent costs, the cost recovery time is even shorter.

Economic and ecological investment

Economic efficiency

  • Long term studies of ThermoMAT® use have shown a reduction potential for thawing agents of up to 30% with an average of 20%.
  • Due to the high-saving potential the payback period of the ThermoMAT is extremely short.


Due to optimized spreading densities resulting in lowered thawing agent use, road water run-off quality is improved and roadside verges are protected. Salt resources are preserved.


  • By application of a “secured spreading density" traffic safety on the road is increased.
  • Due to simple spreading freeze stage selection, road maintenance personnel are freed to concentrate on the traffic situation.

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