Jet nozzles Full-® Combi-® FlexiWet™ jet nozzles S2/S3

The modular system by Küpper-Weisser allows customized solutions for application of liquid ice control materials.

Jet nozzle group system

The laterally mounted jet nozzle systems S2 / S3 prove extremely wind stable and allow high travel speeds. This has been developed further for road and motorway use with travel speeds up to 80 km/h.

Group consisting

Fig. of right-side nozzle-group, swivelling type, with add. lighting


  • controlled gear pump with pressure sensor, alternatively with a delivery volume of 50 or 100 m³.
  • precise flow rate, ground speed related control, constant comparison between nominal and actual value by means of an integrated maintenance-free impulse transmitter
  • application rate controlled by pressure sensor entailing a constant and exact to the point spreading pattern at all flow rates
  • proportional current regulating valve with manual emergency operation, directly mounted to the drive
  • multi-functional bracket for jet nozzles, adjustable at all height levels
  • 4 adjustable jet nozzles for the predetermined spreading width, with automatic activation via gate valve
  • maintenance-free gate valve, PE and stainless steel design, with 4 outlets to connect jet nozzles; spreading width is chosen via Vpad - 1 to 4 of the gate valve outlets are released accordingly by the maintenance-free linear drive; nozzles which are not activated do not drip.
  • all flexible lines are made of pressure-resistant rubber hoses for long service life

Customer choice

  • Mounting area within vehicle’s profile, either on the left or on the right or on both sides.
  • Customized total spreading width up to 12m (requires a centre-placed nozzle group / jet nozzle)
  • The height-adjustable nozzle group is firmly fixed to the basic frame, alternatively folding-up with pneumatic spring, additional lighting etc.


Due to the high processing power of the Vpad SN/SF it is possible to calculate, evaluate and implement the complex technical interrelationships within milliseconds. The whole process takes places unnoticed by the driver, who is assisted by the Vpad’s simple and efficient operation.

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