Flat jet spray nozzle system Full-® Combi-® FlexiWet™

The modular system from Boschung allows customized solutions for the application of liquid ice control materials.

The modular system

Everybody knows how to spray, but Boschung makes the difference. Each and every one of the vertically arranged flat jet spray nozzles, also known as fan nozzles, guarantees a homogeneous layer of liquid ice control materials on the entire road surface.

The quantity spread is calculated on the basis of the set spread dosage per m² and the ground speed; dependent on the circumstances, individual flat jet nozzles are automatically switched on or off. Due to the high processing power of the Vpad SN/SF it is possible to calculate, evaluate and implement the complex technical interrelationships within milliseconds. The whole process takes place unnoticed by the driver, who is assisted by the Vpad’s simple and efficient operation.



  • 4-chamber PE spraying device with different separate Cu-Zn fan jet nozzles, each one with solenoid valve and LED display ON-OFF
  • Spray block horizontally adjustable
  • Precise delivery volume via controlled gear-pump; comparison between nominal and actual value by means of an integrated maintenance-free impulse transmitter
  • Gear pump either by existing equipment or additional pump with a flow rate of 50 / 100cm³
  • All flexible lines are made of pressure-resistant rubber hoses for long service life


  • Central positioning; set spreading width up to 4.0m max., dependent on application:
    with a 50cm³ pump up to 60km/h and 35g/m2
    with a 100cm³ pump up to 60km/h and 45 g/m2
  • Left or right side positioning; spreading width up to 12.00m max. (central group required):
    with a 50cm³ pump up to 60 km/h and 35 g/m2
    with a 100cm³ pump up to 60 km/h and 70 g/m2
  • Various fixed mountings possible, alternatively folding-up, combination with or without spreading media distributor (spinner) possible
  • Central positioning for airport use, monitoring by pressure sensor, with display on Vpad

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