"Cascaded" PE liquid tanks FullWet®/CombiWet®

The Boschung modular system allows tailored and customised mounting systems for liquid tanks, adapted to different carrier vehicles and particular purposes.

Possible drives

  • on lorry platforms (also with ROLL-tec)
  • as a fixed body with intermediate frame
  • with swap systems:
    - on a frame for roll-off hook systems,
    - on a tipper “spider“ frame or with twistlock connectors
  • on semi-trailers or other trailer versions
  • by 3-point linkage on tractors

Taking the available space, payload and centre of gravity into account it is possible to arrange for the best combination for FullWet®, CombiWet®, Airport De-icers, and cleaning vehicles or find special purpose solutions.


  • Modular transport tanks in yellow, made of a shock resistant, maintenance-free and no rust PE material
  • Single tanks freely expandable (“sectioned“system) up to 20,000 l or more, to suit all requirements.
  • Tank capacity at choice / height incl. basic frame:
    - 1,650 l / 1663 mm
    - 2,000 l / 1963 mm
    - 2,200 l / 2133 mm
  • 3 generously dimensioned flow joiners between each PE tank allow a fast fluid transfer and levelling between sections.
  • Built-in baffles reduce uncontrolled fluid movement and provide best weight distribution for safer transport under all loading conditions.
  • POM layer between tanks and basic frame, chemically stable and resistant to warping and swelling.
  • Torsion-resistant frame construction with tear and cross bracings.
  • Run-dry protection and automatic final cut-off when PE tanks are empty by capacitive sensor with LED display.
  • Limit transmitter and cable connection for automatic cut-off of filling pump. Filling/drain connection from ground at choice with C or B connection, incl. shut-off cock.
  • Generously dimensioned breather for rapid filling (max. 600 l/min).
  • Dirt-filter basket with fine-mesh cloth for each filling line, placed under the tank lid.


  • Visual level indicator, additional filling types, filling pump, high-pressure equipment etc.


2 large bottom-placed compensation tubes

Example of a filling connection with limit transmitter and shut-off cock

Limit transmitter connection for automatic filling pump switch-off

Limit transmitter, top-placed compensation tube and tank lid

Maintenance-free capacitive sensor with LED display when tank is empty

Tank section with upper lid and filling tube

One dirt filter basket per filling line, placed under the lid

Option: visual level indicator visible from driver’s cab

Examples of "cascaded" tanks

CombiWet® IMS E with spray system S3, on a container swap frame

FullWet® on semi-trailer with container swap system

FullWet® on a lorry platform with ROLL-tec swap system

Airport Multi De-icer SDA M2 solid-liquid spreading + spray system with booms - S5

Airport De-icer SDA S7, spray system with booms, roll-off hook system

Wash vehicle for summer use, rolloff hook system with high-pressure pump, spray lance, etc

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