SDA S1-S3 Tractor Spreader for Liquid Agents

Fluid anti-icing in winter maintenance operations for preventative purposes is no longer a subject of discussion but has been put into practice - particularly effective with dry or slightly humid conditions and temperatures down to minus 6°C - combined with significantly reduced consumption of spreading materials. Compared with pre-wetted salt spreading, the residue of salt left on the road surface is much higher. The liquid - applied at a very low dosage - adheres firmly to the ground thereby reducing the number of re-application trips.

FullWet®: the spreading machine for tractors

The FullWet ® spreading machine is also perfectly suitable for the very expensive ice control chemicals applied on airfields.

Sophisticated, professional Boschung technology enables a very precise ground-speed related and gear pump controlled dosage, combined with the Vpad.

The quantity spread is calculated on the basis of the set spread dosage per m² and the ground speed; dependent on weather conditions, individual flat jet nozzles are automatically switched on or off. Due to the high processing power of the Vpad it is possible to calculate, evaluate and implement the complex technical interrelationships via the proportional valve technology within milliseconds. The whole process takes place unnoticed by the driver, who is assisted by the Vpad’s simple and efficient operation.

Everybody knows how to spray, but Küpper-Weisser makes a difference. Whether for urban areas, multi-lane roads or airports, we offer a complete and comprehensive range of equipment.

PE spraying unit

3-chamber PE spraying unit with flat-jet nozzles

Three vertically arranged flat jet spray nozzles guarantee a homogeneous layer of liquid ice control materials on the entire road surface. The 3-chamber PE spraying device can be adjusted as an option. Thus it is possible to realise a fixed spreading width with two values: for instance 1.5m up to 3.00m max. An installed sensor automatically applies the spreading width in relation to the set adjustment. Mounted centrally on unit carriers / narrow-gauge vehicles this is preferably operated in urban areas and on foot paths, etc.

4-chamber PE spraying unit with special fan nozzles

Four vertically arranged special fan nozzles guarantee a homogeneous layer of liquid ice control materials on the entire road surface. Dependent on the intended application / vehicle, the spreading width is firmly adjusted. Up to 4.0m is possible; unit mounted centrally. Universally suitable for roadway, motorway and airport use.

5-chamber PE spraying unit with long-range jet nozzles

The 5-chamber PE spraying unit is fitted with 5 long-range jet nozzles. The spreading width can be set manually from 1.5m to a maximum of 3m. Even more comfortable is the electric spreading width adjustment in 0.25m steps. Automatic lifting and lowering of the central spraying unit during driving results in accurate spreading widths – controlled by Vpad and dependent on the flow rate / vehicle speed and configured spreading width. Mounted centrally, this is preferably operated in urban areas, on streets and foot paths, etc.

Multiple-chamber PE spraying unit with fan nozzles

Dependent on the intended application, the PE spraying unit is fitted with up to 8 fan nozzles. Mounted centrally, left / right as well as on booms of airport spreaders. Dependent on the application, the spreading width can be modified; up to 4m per spraying unit is possible; in combination with booms a spreading width of up to 42m max. can be reached. Perfect spraying patterns and homogeneous distribution are the result. Maximum travel speed: 60 km/h on roadways, 40 km/h on airports.

Electronics, Electrics and Vpad

Electronic components from Boschung are certified to the EMC directive for power-driven vehicles and to rule no. 10 of the United Nations Economic Commission (ECE-R10) - use in road service is permitted!

Control systems by KW basically work with speed-dependent control, synchronous coordination of spreading width and dosage, CAN Bus system and LED displays for switched control circuits. (See detailed Vpad description)

Equipment options:

  • Sealed switch cabinet for micro processor control unit
  • All hydraulic loops are precisely controlled via memorised valve currents
  • Regulated hydraulic drives via digital transmitter with immediate speed adjustment in case of deviations, automatic variance comparison of set values and actual values
  • Pin board and plug-in connections, ready for optional accessories
  • Cable entries via PG gland.

Please take note of our further detailed descriptions and extensive accessory range: Vpad, working spotlights, demount equipment, ThermoMAT, SDM, GPS, route guidance etc.

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