SDA S Liquid De-icer for Airport

The Boschung/Küpper-Weisser de-icers are characterized by innovative technology and design, which are the ideal prerequisite for an economic and environnement-friendly use of different thawing agents.

Its strength are big surfaces !

This model range has a solid base frame for accommodation of the cascade shaped PE-hoppers, which allows to carry almost any amount of liquids up to the maximum payload of the vehicle. Spreading is done through a unique nozzle system on fold-out booms.

Airport De-icer SDA S5 (spraying width 30 m)

Technical Data

Hopper capacity1,650 to 22,000 l
Dosage0 to 50 g/m2
Spreading width3 to 42 m
Mountingfix, platform, Twistlock, container, roll-off hook
Drivevehicle hydraulic or drive engine
Spray system S7 (spraying width 42 m)

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