Snowplough/Sweeper Mikro Snowplough/Sweeper Combination

The Bunce Mikro snowplough/ sweeper combination is ideal for clearing snow from apron and ramp areas at airports.



Technical details

The Bunce tractor mounted Mikro snowplough / sweeper combination is a hydraulically driven front mounted sweeper which can  be effortlessly converted to a snowplough.   When the sweeper is in operation the snowplough acts as the dust guard.   The standard lengths are a 3.66 m snowplough with a 3.05m brush or a 2.44m snowplough with a 2.13m brush although other sizes can be built to order.   The brush has a unique , adjustable air over hydraulic balancing system to ensure that equal pressure is maintained at both ends of the brush to give optimum performance and to reduce the ‘coning effect’ seen on other conventional sweepers

Mounting systems

We usually mount directly to tractors using the front three point linkage.   We can also mount directly to the front of the tractor using brackets and DIN plate (76060A) mounting.   We can also make special brackets to suit other ‘tool carrier’ vehicles.

Features and options:

The plough is fitted with heavy duty (50mm) rubber blocks which are sprung  (normally in 610mm section) to retract if an obstacle is struck.

Fitted with hydraulic angling as standard

he motors are mounted directly onto the end of the core and two bolts enable the whole core to be removed for rapid changing of sections

Normally fitted with a rear 3 point linkage mounted PTO driven hydraulic pump and tank system to power the sweeper, the angling and raising and lowering are done by the tractor hydraulics.

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