Pony P4 The Multipurpose Carrier

With the Pony P4 Boschung is transferring knowledge and practical experience acquired over decades due to reliable partnerships with our customers and partners.

Indispensable companion

The Pony P4 is more than just a multi-purpose carrier, more than just an ordinary transporter – it’s an indispensable companion for the road or airport maintenance department. In summer it takes care of cleaning or washing pavements or precincts, mowing embankments and road-sides, watering flowerbeds, carrying materials to areas difficult of access and many more. In wintertime – fitted e.g. with an IMS spreader and a segmented BF 4 plough – the Pony can provide snow-clearing and salt-spreading/brine-spraying on pavements, parking lots and narrow alleys.

Stable and compact

With its compact measurements the Pony P4 can access the narrowest of areas. Its strong construction, powerful diesel engine and permanent 4-wheel drive gives the Pony perfect stability even on steep slopes or while carrying out heavy works like snow-clearing. With the 4-wheel steering - with 3 available steering-modes - the Pony provides control in any critical situation.  


The panoramic cabin offers an excellent view on the working zone. With the adjustable steering column and the ergonomically positioned control unit the user is guaranteed perfect driving comfort at any time.

Additional equipment

Summer equipment for Pony P3/P4

Mounted sweeper

type BPK

Sweeping broom

for front and rear attachment (hydraulically driven)

Weed broom

(steel strings)

Mounted washing system

type BPS with water tank and hydraulically swiveling spray bar

Pouring arm

(only in connection with the washing system BPS)


Winter equipment

IMS Spreader

Spreader IMS with pre-wetted salt installation

Liquid tank

with jets (FullWet®)

Snow cutter/blower

with charging chimney (hydraulically driven)

V-shaped snow plough

Boschung LF-B

Single side snow plough

Boschung BF-4

Ice scraper

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