Mounted Snow Blower MU PTO Driven Tractor

The Bunce MU Tractor mounted PTO driven two stage snowblower.

Technical details

The Bunce tractor mounted MU range of two stage PTO driven snow blowers are bade from a folded and reinforced steel shell.   Available in two working widths of 2.3m and 2.55m, which can be mounted to the front or rear three point linkage.

Mounting systems

We mount directly to tractors using the front three point linkage.   At the blower end there is a slotted plate on each side which enables the blower to tilt laterally.   (This is a gravity system as standard but there is the option to adjust the tilt hydraulically)

Features and options:

The two stage system has two front augers which draw the snow in which is then fed into the fan which ejects the snow through the chute.

The in-feed augers are driven hydraulically which gives the advantage that their speed can be varied in relation to the ejection fan to optimise performance in different snow conditions.

Fitted with screw height adjustable replaceable skits to support blower as standard.

Two rams are used if the option of hydraulic tilt is ordered.

Chute is turned hydraulically as standard.

Now fitted with a drop gearbox as standard to ensure that the PTO shaft is working at an optimal angle.

Top deflector on chute operated manually as standard but can be adjusted electrically.

Top of the fan casing can be easily removed to access the fan without the need to remove the augers. This plate can be reversed and a different fan fitted to cater for mounting on the front or rear of tractor.

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