Jetbroom 10000 T High clearance capacity for runways!

New development by Marcel Boschung AG in the field of towed sweeper/blowers.

Key Benefits at a Glance


  • A special, freely configurable Boschung designed chassis, for heavy winter maintenance duties with special axle
  • Performance-optimized work engine
  • Suitable even for extreme temperatures
  • Optimized clearing capacity by use of optional blower in front of the broom
  • Customizable for various broom or plough widths

User friendliness

  • The entire operating, controlling and monitoring is done with the Boschung Vpad and Joystick in the cabin
  • All settings are programmable
  • Central greasing for vehicle and equipment
  • Can be used with any towing vehicle on the market


  • With the use of the sweeper/blower unit in front of the broom, setting a lower angle of attack results in an increased net clearing capacity per run and an optimized broom durability
  • State-of-the-art, fuel-efficient work engine
  • Light construction through use of aluminum boarding
  • Long operating-life

New Concept

With the 10000 series, Marcel Boschung AG launches a completely new product in the field of towed sweeper/blower, based on a 46” broom. The concept was entirely reconstructed and is universally applicable. The Jetbroom 10000 - T is available as a small or as a large version and is perfectly suitable for operations on all airports surfaces.Compared to other standard towed vehicles the Jetbroom 10000 T can be equipped with a 2nd high-performance blowing unit (in front of the broom).The concept of the Jetbroom 10000 - T is designed in a way so that it can be used with a MF plough aligned to the broom width on the towing vehicle.



Build-up of Basic Vehicle Jetbroom 10000 – T

The basic beam-section chassis is an in-house development of M. Boschung SA. The chassis with two longitudinal beams and several cross connections form the core element.

The following three elements provide the basis for the structure:

 Longitudinal Beam
Corner Chassis

Corner chassis

The corner chassis is the base for accommodating all technical equipment needed for operations.

  • Work engine categories EUROMOT 4 / TIER 4 f,
    Power range 280 kW – 350 kW
  • Rear axle
  • High-performance radial turbine for the air supply of the blower in front of the rear axle
  • Basic hydraulic package for the sweeping broom and radial turbine
  • Diesel tank (on both sides)
  • Adblue tank
  • Central steering unit

Longitudinal Beam

The longitudinal beam accommodates the sweeping broom and is – depending on broom width – configured variably.

The carrier is designed that the chosen broom can be swivelled completely into the chassis.


The fork is the final element and contains the fifth-wheel coupling to the carrier vehicle.

The support point is adjustable in height and can be adapted to the carrier vehicle.

Blowing Unit

Blowing Unit in Front of the Rear Axle

Blowing unit between broom and rear axle with two (laterally, left and right) swivel-mounted air channels for snow clearing left or right and hydraulically operated air guide nozzles.

Flange-mounted directly at the air output of the radial blower. Under the vehicle a transversally arranged, downward opening air channel.

Blowing Unit Air Channel System in Front of the Broom

An optional high-performance radial blowing unit is flexibly mounted horizontally on the longitudinal beam, with hydrostatic drive by hydraulic engine and air support to the blowing unit.
The air is blown by (patented) adjustable air nozzles in front of the broom from left to right or from right to left depending on broom position and generates an optimized, multiple reinforced air flow right in front of the broom. Snow, water or other particles hurled by the broom are captured by the air flow and carried at high-speed to the broom side.
Due to this procedure the snow doesn’t need to be re-captured over again by the broom to be carried to the side and with a smaller angle of attack an increased clearing width at higher speed can be achieved. In transport position (width 2,250 mm) no parts standing out.

The use of two blowing units is a long tradition at Boschung and guarantees an efficient and economic snow clearance under any circumstances.

Technical Data

Performance280 kW (380 HP) - 350 kW (476 HP)
SteeringRear axle optional
Plough width6,400 - 8,400 mm
Clearing width3,850 - 5,700 mm
Broom length4,200 - 6,240 mm
Broom diameter1,168 mm

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