The 2010's

In June 2014 we were proud to become powered by the Boschung Group, enhancing our access to technical knowledge and market leading solutions for winter services and road cleaning.

The 90’s

In the early 1990s Bunce acquired the manufacturing rights to the Mikro Snowplough Sweeper Combination and developed production of drain grabs.

The 80’s

One of the first companies in the UK to develop a plastic snowplough. The high density polymer sheet attached to a steel skeleton produced a strong, lightweight snow plough which required less traction than conventional all steel snow blades.

The 70’s

Acquiring the manufacturing rights for Croker Snowcutters we developed these into our SnoBlo range.

The 60’s

Linking with other European suppliers, Bunce lead the way in the UK for metered salt spreading.

Courageously closing its profitable agricultural arm, the company focused completely on municipal services winter equipment, building the business to exceed previous turnover levels within two years.

The 40’s

The 1940s saw us commence production of snow blower and snow cutter attachments and we are still the only UK manufacturer of this type of product. We also started production of our towed and tractor mounted sweepers.

The 20’s

William John Bunce was the first person in the UK to put a steel snowplough in front of a lorry. The 1920s also saw the commencement of our own Bunce grit/cinder spreading units.

The 1900’s

Moved to our current site which has been developed over the years to meet the changing needs.

The 1890’s

Bunce (Ashbury) Ltd are the oldest British manufacturers of snow clearing equipment and have been at the vanguard of developments in this field. Originally founded in 1896 as a blacksmiths by William John Bunce, the company has been developed through four generations of Bunces.