Fixed De-icing Technology

Fixed Automated Spray Technology Systems (FAST) are proven systems for increasing road safety and improving the flow of traffic in critical areas. A particular benefit is the reduction of ice-related accidents.

Fixed Automated Spray Technology Systems are automatically controlled by Ice Early Warning Systems (GFS) and they spray the road surface with a chemical solution before ice can form (the ‘just in time’ principle). During snowfalls, this prevents the accretion of snow in a compact layer on the road surface; the snow remains sufficiently soft for removal during standard winter maintenance operations.

The de-icing agent is sprayed in a uniform manner onto the road surface using spray nozzles at the side of the road, spray discs in the road surface or by means of the innovative Micro-FAST technology. This guarantees the efficient, cost-effective and ecological spreading of the de-icing agent, which can be triggered manually, by remote control or automatically via measuring stations (GFS) in the event of an icing hazard.

Fixed Automated Spray Technology Systems can be visualized and monitored via the BORRMA-web software. This professional, user-friendly management software provides a comprehensive overview at any time.

The principal application for Fixed Automated Spray Technology Systems is on bridges, slopes, stretches of road covered with open-pore asphalt (OPA), places prone to ice formation (areas in shadows, roads, on embankments or flyovers), construction sites, ramps to multi-storey car parks or helicopter landing pads.

Numerous studies have also confirmed the economic efficiency of Fixed Automated Spray Technology Systems.

Fixed Automated Spray Technology


Fixed Automated Spray Technology

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